Monday, 17 December 2012

PhotonStar LED Group Plc - IP licencing and design services supply agreement

PhotonStar LED Group plc has signed its first licensing agreement for its next generation chip design patents and an associated design services supply agreement, with a leading LED chip manufacturer. 

The financial terms of the non-exclusive patent license agreement have not been disclosed, but are expected to start to have an impact on PhotonStar’s revenues in 2014, when the resulting LED chips are to be brought to the market by the manufacturer.
PhotonStar has a substantial IP platform, comprising a total of 15 patent families covering 
advanced LED chip design, optimal low cost packaging, advanced colour mixing and control. The LED chip patents dating back to 2008/9 are now mostly granted in Europe and progressing through the international phase. The Group recently received its first Chinese patents and continues to further develop its chip IP.

(Left) James Mckenzie, CEO of PhotonStar LED Group PLC, commented “Licensing our LED chip design IP to third parties will be a key part of our business going forward, and will be a clear demonstration of the substantial value in our IP. 

“This agreement is a major validation of our LED chip design approach and is expected to produce LED chips with extremely high levels of chip light extraction, making them some of the lowest cost and most efficient chips available on the market.”  

For further information:

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David Holloway – Group Chief Financial Officer 01495 713077


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Note to editors

PhotonStar LED Group PLC (“PhotonStar” or the “Group”) is a British designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions. The Group’s proprietary technology seamlessly integrates LEDs, sensors and controls to provide intelligent lighting for commercial and architectural applications which benefit from greater CO2 reduction, lower cost of ownership & improved functionality compared to other available light sources. 
Photonstar’s lighting products have won numerous awards for performance, innovation and reliability, and are unique in the industry for the use of recycled, and recyclable materials, which means they have 90% less embodied CO2 than equivalent products providing the same levels of illumination.
PhotonStar comprises two divisions: LED Lighting Fixtures which works with lighting designers, architects, house builders, facilities management companies and sustainability consultants to provide intelligent, high-end LED lighting solutions for the commercial and architectural market, and LED Light Engines which provides LED lighting solutions for specialist applications such as film & television production lighting, UV curing and medical applications. PhotonStar is based in Romsey, Hampshire with manufacturing in Wales.  The  Group was admitted to AIM in December 2010.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What makes PhotonStar LEDs technology so unique and advanced?

Below is a list of patented technology that only PhotonStar LED Ltd. use in their products. 

Click on the titles to learn more about what each feature does to help the life and quality of light.

Maximising Lifetime & Improving Efficiency

Colour Tuneable, High CRI, LED Technology

Active luminous flux stability and control

Active colour quality, monitoring and control

Active thermal monitoring and protection

Active colour stability and control

Flexible, more efficient, "Chip on Board" technology

Learn More About LED Technology

This section is designed to provide supporting information in order to provide you with a better understanding of the features and benefits or our LED products and technology.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Rocksalt Restaurant Case Study, PhotonStar LED

Project: Rocksalt Restaurant, Folkestone

Benefits of Installation:

Regeneration of old fashioned local café
Luxurious high-end restaurant in a seaside harbour
80% reduction in energy costs
Payback period of 38 Months


An old harbour side in Folkestone has been regenerated with a new innovative destination restaurant facing the harbour. For several years the small seaside town of Folkestone has been part of a hugely promising redevelopment programme and the new restaurant shows the success of replacing an old favourite harbour-side café with a thoughtful and well executed modern restaurant design. 

Rocksalt Restaurant and Bar is situated in the corner of the tidal harbour between a listed brick viaduct and cobbled street with a wide open glazed wall facing onto the harbour and the English Channel beyond. The interior offers a wide-open view with a luxurious first-floor dining terrace. Its modern form presents a calm interjection that doesn't threaten to overwhelm or outshine its traditional seafront surroundings, but still offers a modern high-class restaurant for the local residents to enjoy. 

The project has been extremely well received within the lighting industry for its innovative design and contribution to making the restaurant have a luxurious design. It has been nominated in the “Hotels and Restaurants” project category of the Lighting Design Awards 2012.

Rocksalt Restaurant Energy Costs.

PhotonStar were asked to supply a lighting solution to fit in with the modern, contemporary interior design due to both the sleek architectural look of the PhotonStar luminaires and the quality of the light output from the fitting. It was extremely important to supply a design that produced the right amount of light at the right time. The long glazed windows at the side of the building presented a challenge for the lighting designers to ensure that the staff could control the light dimming and produce the appropriate mood settings in the evenings i.e. a calm relaxed atmosphere for customers to enjoy the scenery and dine in a luxurious restaurant. 

This project was extremely unique for PhotonStar as our lights were chosen to be installed based purely on the quality of the light, and the look of the product. Despite this, when carrying out a payback calculation on the products we installed compared to their halogen equivalent we can see that the restaurant are still enjoying 80% energy savings on their lighting, and a 38 Month payback. Therefore, even though this wasn't what the decision to choose LEDs was based upon, it gives an additional benefit on the lighting installed.

Equivalent output lamps:

PhotonStar™ Products Used : 

A range of single and multi-way high performance recessed gimbal fixtures offering outputs up to 741lm, suited to both  general and accent lighting applications where a high degree of adjustment is required.

A fully adjustable gimbal fixtures designed to blend discretely into architectural lightslot features or for use in any surface mount application.

  • Compact surface mount spot 
  • Ultra low glare darklight baffle 
  • Brushed silver anodised finish 
  • Surface or conduit box mounting

With a maximum delivered output of 925lm, this extensive range of architectural downlights provides performance that exceeds a 50W MR16 fixture whilst offering an aesthetic 
and dimensional replacement.