Friday, 15 February 2013

UK LED Lighting Manufacture

PhotonStar LED was founded in 2007.
Our mission is to solve the cost problems and increase the efficiency of current LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for use in general residential and commercial lighting. LEDs are the environmentally friendly, energy saving replacement technology for less efficient technologies, such as the light bulb and fluorescent tubes. LEDs can last as long as 100,000 hrs and can be up to 20 times as efficient as ordinary light bulbs. PhotonStar LED Ltd is a UK based solid state lighting designer and manufacturer. We use the latest manufacturing approaches coupled with cutting edge optical designs to produce the brightest and the most cost effective LED modules for use in general lighting.

Management and Board of Directors:
Dr James Mckenzie - CEO
Dr Majd Zoorob - Director and CTO
Robert Tuck - Business Development Director
Gethyn William - Sales Director
David Holloway - CFO
Fenella Frost - Marketing Communications Director
Steve Baxter - Operations Director

PhotonStar’s award winning formula includes a commitment to UK manufacture at a time when most LED products are manufactured in Asia. We also recognise that when it comes to reliability, it really matters how you design and assemble a product, and rigorous and complete testing is essential.

UK led manufactureKeeping both R&D and manufacturing in house permits us to ensure quality is maintained. PhotonStar products are modular and designed to be assembled with minimal labour, keeping our products competitive without losing our quality control. We also have a UK based sales support & technical team. The breadth of technical knowledge in our facility and full in house test labs enables us to optimise designs for both performance and reliability.                  

Uk LED manufactureThe assembly stage is key to longevity, and PhotonStar’s production lines include a final test for every unit ensuring that the product performs as expected. A sample of luminaires are put on long term test in our photometric lab, and their performance plotted to determine lifetime of the whole product. We now have some of the longest “in luminaire” test data in the world (20,000 hours). PhotonStar’s UK based R&D team understands that efficiency, control, functionality and local intelligence are key to developing the lowest lifecycle cost, solid state lighting solutions available today.

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