Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Why Choose LED Lighting?

It's all well and good to offer such a wide and varied selection of LED related goods, but unless you are already aware of the potential benefits of LED fittings over regular, traditional forms of lighting, you might be a little reluctant to give this concept further thought. So, in order to clear up any potential queries you may have with regard to LED lighting and related products, here are five rather impressive reasons to check out this format in a little more detail and, as a result, reap the benefits.

Whilst this might not be something you have considered in too great a detail, LED lighting is actually far safer than other, more traditional forms of lighting and the related bulbs. LED fittings manage to provide you with a long lasting and impressive level of lighting whilst also maintaining the unique stance of being able to completely avoid harmful chemicals such as Mercury. Traditionally speaking, many bulbs contained a range of less than wonderful chemicals but with an LED fitting, such issues are avoided.

Now, this is something which will no doubt be on everybody's mind where lighting needs are concerned as, put simply, nobody wants to have to be constantly replacing faulty bulbs or stocking up for exactly this kind of eventuality. Thankfully, an LED fitting is the kind of item which has been proven to possess a much, much greater life span than other types of bulb and the levels of efficiency are certainly worth shouting about. LED fittings are also efficient in another way. Those traditional, incandescent light bulbs which we all remember have a tendency to utilise just 20% of the electric current it uses for production of light. This means that a very sizeable 80% of the energy is wasted as heat. LED fittings on the other hand do not have this problem, which leads us on to point three.

Environmental Benefits
It is perhaps something which you are sick of hearing about, but reducing the amount of energy you use can of course have some rather beneficial repercussions, environmentally speaking. LED fittings use much less energy than traditional bulbs and as such, by making use of such a concept, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make savings at the same time.

Reduced Costs
Pretty self explanatory this one; reduced energy consumption doesn't just benefit mother nature, it can also impress your bank manager to boot as long term savings are guaranteed.

This might not be something which you have thought about too frequently, but what if you suddenly decide that a room or space of yours needs a brand new edge? Is it really that easy to get hold of different coloured bulbs? Well, in terms of LEDs, it couldn't be easier as there really is magnificent scope out there in terms of colour and style.

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