Thursday, 4 April 2013

ChromaWhite, Colour Tunable LED Light Source

ChromaWhite™ advanced colour mix technology takes LED to the next level of creativity, reliability and possible applications. It is the first widely colour tunable light source to provide exceptional colour rendering (including the challenging R9/reds), suited to the most demanding applications such as retail, medical and art.

Chip on board technology with active feedback using a direct measurement of key parameters offers ultimate control and performance. 

  • Lumenloc™ - Active luminous flux stability and control
  • CRIloc™ - Active colour quality, monitoring and control
  • Thermaloc™ - Active thermal monitoring and protection
  • Colourloc™ -Active colour stability and control
  • Innovate™ - High thermal performance "Chip on Board" technology    

ChromaWhite, High CRI (Colour Rendering Index)

ChromaWhite™ advanced colour mix technology delivers a peak colour rendering or Ra97, but never below Ra90 across the white tuning range*, providing superior colour.

Superior colour rendering

ChromaWhite™ advanced colour mix technology delivers a peak colour rendering of Ra97, but never falling below Ra90 across the white tuning range*, providing superior colour perception. Chromawhite™ colour mix technology achieves a CRI of >Ra 90 across the tuning range*, compared to a typical CRI of Ra over 80 for high quality fixed white LED products. Typically the colour rendering index evaluates only the first 8 colour reference samples of the conventional CIE test method for CRI. ChromaWhite™ is optimised to deliver excellent results for the more saturated and skin colour samples of the CRI reference set. For the deep red R9 reference sample, a value of >92 is achieved at 3000K, 4000K and 5000K in all versions. These results are on a par with tungsten halogen lamps and outperform other conventional LED solutions as well as compact fluorescent and metal halide lamps.   

ChromaWhite™ Versions

Software within the controller enables ChromaWhite™ to behave in many ways, creating different versions suited to a variety of applications:  

  • ChromaWhite™ VCCT - White colour tunable "Compact LED Light Engine"
  • ChromaWhite™ Tungsten H - High CRI - Warms when dimmed - Active colour control

Proven in challenging applications

The Chromawhite™ colour mix technology has been thoroughly proven in the challenging film and tv environment where the sensitivity of cameras requires CRI>Ra98 and benefits from a tuneable source. This same technology has now been developed further for use in architectural lighting, winning EoN Light Source of the Year, Light Association Light Source of the Year (x2) and visitors choice at the ARC Innovation awards.

Read more about the ChromaWhite technology here.

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