Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Compact RGB Light Engine optimised for colour mixing.

Luminous Flux- R=338lm, G=343lm, B=421lm
Wattage      -20
Controller/Driver-20W DMX PST Smart Controller or select from our driver list*
*Thermaloc is only available when the PST smart Controller is used.
  • 3 Channel RGB
  • High Luminous flux up to 750lm (+/- 10% @ 25oC Ambient)
  • Intelligent thermal protection with integrated temperature sensors (If used with PST RGB controller (DMX))
  • Pre-mix colour mixing optimised for spot reflectors
  • Compatible with PhotonStar LEDsmart controls (If used with PST RGB controller (DMX))
The video below displays the colour abilities of the RGB module:


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