Wednesday, 16 January 2013

CSR Lighting Demonstration at CES

PhotonStar LED Group plc, the British designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions, continues to work with CSR plc in the development of its Bluetooth Smart home lighting products. These demonstrations are shown on the CSR booth at CES International 2013 in Las Vegas, a major global consumer electronics show. 

As part of this process, PhotonStar worked closely with CSR to create a joint LED lighting demonstration at CES 2013, showing how Bluetooth low energy wireless technology can enable smartphones, tablets and other connected devices to control systems such as lighting throughout the home. 

Photonstar’s existing LED lighting system is fully colour tuneable and dimmable, and the addition of CSR’s Bluetooth low energy technology increases its flexibility and intelligence. Lights can be controlled individually or in groups using an app creating one-touch buttons to adjust the lighting in a room for different uses such as reading, dining or watching movies. James Mckenzie, CEO of PhotonStar LED Group PLC, commented “Our work with CSR on the wireless connectivity for our lighting systems has produced some exciting results, as demonstrated at CES 2013. 

There is great potential for our lighting solutions to work with everyday technology, creating optimal lighting for the connected home or business as part of the future ‘internet of things’ vision.” PhotonStar LED Group PLC (“PhotonStar” or the “Group”) is a British designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions. 

The Group’s proprietary technology seamlessly integrates LEDs, sensors and controls to provide intelligent lighting for commercial and architectural applications which benefit from greater CO2 reduction, lower cost of ownership & improved functionality compared to other available light sources. 

Photonstar’s lighting products have won numerous awards for performance, innovation and reliability, and are unique in the industry for the use of recycled, and recyclable materials, which means they have 90% less embodied CO2 than equivalent products providing the same levels of illumination.PhotonStar comprises two divisions: LED Lighting Fixtures which works with lighting designers, architects, house builders, facilities management companies and sustainability consultants to provide intelligent, high-end LED lighting solutions for the commercial and architectural market, and LED Light Engines which provides LED lighting solutions for specialist applications such as film & television production lighting, UV curing and medical applications.

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